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Wine Fines

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A week after Langkawi and the peeling has started in earnest.

Somehow forgetting that the tropical sun can be notoriously fierce, I chose to ignore conventional wisdom and applied factor 8 to my face.  Walking into the office mid-week, I kept my head down to hide my unglamorously mottled forehead.

The Thursday before Langkawi and I was out with a group of guys.  The occasion was to appreciate steak.  The same group of guys and girlfriends/wives were the ones we’d  spent that lovely but fateful weekend with when I ‘lost’ my phone.  These guys take their steak very seriously.  There are rules, regulations and a rating system.  A bit like my former obsession for inventorying the wines I tried.  But less geeky, more tongue in cheek. Read the rest of this entry


Pride and Pampas

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This week got me thinking about pride.

What is it to be proud; to have a sense of pride?  Is it ego or swagger?  Is it an intangible swelling of positive emotion on account of someone’s success?  We Brits swing from jingoistic notions of national pride to hiding personal pride under a bushel.

So here’s this week’s run down of pride-inducing moments…. Read the rest of this entry

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