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Are you Tottenham in disguise?

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I’m not aware of an immediate or obvious link between wine and football, unless

a) you happen to be Sir Alex Ferguson who apparently knows his stuff (coming in for some stinging snobbery last year courtesy of the Telegraph)

b) you’re a Russian oligarch in which case you are vying with the Chinese for control of the Bordeaux vineyards

c) you’re a member of the Prawn-Sandwich-Brigade, which would mean you probably don’t know your Riesling from your Riise.

But after my most recent bottle of wine and with the culmination of the English domestic leagues fast approaching – the Manchester derby on Tuesday and Southampton making an emotional return to the top-flight after 7 years – the two subjects seem apposite. Well, I’m giving it a go anyway…

As a newly relegated single man (only by virtue of a trip to the UK by my wife) I was angsty about spending the weekend on my own. I’d trawled the malls, contributed to global capitalism, solo-lunched, and bitched off my local climbing gym. I was very definitely Will Freeman from Nick Hornby’s About a Boy, but without the massive bank balance. Read the rest of this entry


Balcony breakfast

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Feeling a bit hungover this morning after last night’s unexpectedly intoxicating bottle of Jim Barry 2004 The Lodge Hill RieslingRead the rest of this entry

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