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Nature Nurture

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Malaysia is blessed with a natural habitat the envy of the world.  It was here, well Sarawak to be more precise, that Alfred Russel Wallace penned his 1855 paper “On the Law which has Regulated the Introduction of New Species”  which prompted Charles Darwin to publish Origin of Species 4 years later.

The peninsula, home to the majority of the country’s 23 million inhabitants, is sadly suffering from rapid development, the mass influx of people from rural areas to cities and what seems to be a general lack of concern for the natural environment.

Maybe it’s a very Western attitude to view countries’ resources as an asset to be protected, not to be used (excepting the plundering that is done by the big oil and mining majors around the world). After all what I am doing here?  Espousing the virtues of responsible business and sustainability, I am hoping in a small way to influence companies to not make the same ‘mistakes’ as in the West.  I’m a eco-neo-colonialist with good intentions. Read the rest of this entry

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