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Ebony & Ivory

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Ahh, Ebony & Ivory, that unforgettable Paul and Stevie mishap… Well-meaning but a stain, and shame on both their distinguished houses. Why did they do it? Was it their record companies? Or were they both high as kites and thought it would heal the world?

Bizarrely, though, I think the song sums my wife and me up very well, though thankfully our particular partnership seems to be more than just a one-hit-wonder. Since she’s been back from the UK I have been decidedly perkier. No longer am I hugging the pillow in bed. Gone are the days spent staring at the computer because boredom had taken hold. Banished are the solo-lunching and solo-drinking.

She and I together are in many ways like Harvey “Two Face” Dent from Batman. Me – handsome, charismatic, honourable. Her – devilish, scheming, tyrannical (ok some of that may be poetic licence). Try as we might to wind each other up and win at all costs, I am the Yin to her Yang. Read the rest of this entry


Mutant King

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Today is Wednesday, a public holiday, hastily brought in to celebrate the coronation of the new King. As I understand it here in Malaysia each state has a King or Sultan that gets a chance at the national hot-seat every 5 years, and this time round it’s the turn of the Sultan of Kedah. The previous King, from the eastern state of Terrengganu, was Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin and the new dude is Sultan Abdul Halim who actually reigned before between 1970-1975.

Hopes of an early morning bike ride have been dashed by a murderous monsoon, that has engulfed our area of the city, and inundated our little balcony – scattering our poor potted herbs like skittles.

So I write about wine. Read the rest of this entry

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