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What + who is sozzled?

Sozzled is a little wine blog.

It started life in London as a way of getting friends together over a glass of wine, moved to Malaysia and is now back in North London.

I started Sozzled for two reasons; because I love wine and also because I wanted to flex some creative-writing juices. I moved on from a basic, amateur enjoyment of wine to read more, take copious wine tasting notes (much to the amusement of my wife and friends) and eventually studying for the WSET Advanced Certificate. A fairly sizeable wine collection, mainly French red, currently lies waiting in a cellar courtesy of the Wine Society and Fine+Rare. Out of reach, it is at least safe!

Faves tend to be restricted to regions rather than individual producers:

– The Languedoc

– The Rhone, especially Cote Rotie

– Western Australia

My favourite white grape is Riesling and favourite red is Syrah.

Happy Sozzl’ing!


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  1. Old man now 64

    entertained a leggy beauty home from Malaysia, who has left her husband at the top of a white tower.
    pulled out Chateau D’Aussieres, a Rothschild Lafite Corbieres from 2007, a tantalising mix of Grenache, Mourvieres and various other southern grapes whose names I cant recall
    it went down famously with Fellers son and daughter’s organic Devonshire roast leg of lamb, cooked to a strawberry pink, while the fire blazed away in the room next door-

    felt sorry for the husband, sunburnt and sweaty half the globe away



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