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I have rather neglected to take much note of my conspicuous wine consumption over the last few months – mainly because having two kids means that life inevitably falls into a tumbling routine of wake-mayhem-work (respite)-home-mayhem-sleep-wake which leaves little time for a) appreciating the finer things in life, like wine and b) having the time to write about it.

I often fall into the trap of assuming that dads everywhere are super efficient with their time, or just more selfish about it and are able to pursue their hobbies or interests far more than I. How the fuck, I don’t really know….

We were in Greece last week – where I was reminded of quite how lovely some of their simple wines are, a follow-on thought from a blog post I wrote some time back and I was delighted to see the Guardian’s Fiona Beckett and David Williams both writing about Greek wine recently – here and here

I did the classic ‘Must buy something from Greece before I get home’-shop around the airport in Athens and so picked up a couple of bottles from producer Kir-Yianni who are based in northern Greece in a wine-growing region called Naoussa. One, Dyo Elies is what I imagine is a sort of Rhone-esque red and the other, Ramnista uses a local varietal called Xinomavro. Can’t wait to try them.

Back in N5 and I’ve just about finished off last month’s wine case which had some gems in – sadly I’m too forgetful to have written notes and, whilst I have photos, I can’t do them justice by trying to review them. Nevertheless, here they are:

L-R: Chateau La Negly, Chateau de Villeneuve and The Flower and the Bee

Chateau La Negly ‘La Brise Marine’ –  a crisp, almondy and stone fruit white from Languedoc. Easy drinking.

Chateau de Villeneuve rouge – light and summery – not really my thing –  from Saumur (organic)

Gomariz The Flower and the Bee Ribeiro Tinto – lovely, lively fresh tart fressh cherries with high acidity using 100% Souson grapes

The last of the lot is this fabulous Guelbenzu Azul Ribera del Queiles 2012 from Highbury Vintners. I’m not often a huge fan of Tempranillo because producers very often seem to oak it heavily, but this is very subtle – and it’s blended with Merlot (34%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (10%). It’s got a powerful fresh aroma of red fruits and in the mouth tastes of prunes and blackberries. It’s very long and has great balance to it so I was really surprised and impressed. Good choice guys!



Overall Arnie score: ‘Do it. Come on. Do it now!‘ = 4

Packaging; this has a really lovely, stylish blue and white label with some interesting symbols a faint emboss on the lettering. Top marks for style. The fun thing about this particular bottle has a double label – once on the front and also on the back – a bit like finding a double yolk in an egg! I haven’t seen this before, but obviously the labelling plant must have had a little malfunction. Anyway, a nice quirk!

IMG_4191Picture: quirky, double labelled bottle!

Eco-credentials bonus; none that I am aware of – certainly nothing that is obvious from the packaging.

Retail price; a very reasonable £11.50 I would say!






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