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Worrying times?

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We read about the decline of the wine industry a lot these days.

Usually, if it’s food or drink related, it’s because the big nasty supermarkets are squeezing the little guy. I don’t buy this – well not entirely anyway.

Retailers play in a world where volume and price are key. They know, as this article says, that most customers don’t want to spend more than £6. Supermarket shoppers are not there to read about varieties and swoon over wine packaging. They are there with screaming babies and a ‘get in, get out’ mentality.

So supermarkets aren’t selling wines from the little guy really are they? The little guy has a healthy route to market through the independent off-trade, and independents are holding their own on the high street which is great news (reminds me of the renaissance in beer-making and the renewed love of real ales).

A blogger I follow now runs Park & Bridge in Acton. Down in Cornwall where we spend many holidays binTwo has been ever reliable. In our old neighbourhood, Highbury Vintners continues to prosper and round the corner from where we are living now, Planet of the Grapes sells some sensational stuff.

Still, it is depressing when you think of all that cheap crap that people are knocking back.


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