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He shoots, scores but also misses

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The caveman diet isn’t really going to plan – well, it’s hard when you are surrounded by biriyani rice, Indian breads and fantastic pan-mee noodles everyday.  But I am at least managing not to gorge on too much carb (mainly this means banana-leaf curries) and as such I’m not carrying as much weight – good because the inter-firm football tournament has started.

I missed our first competitive match but played in the second game against KPMG.  I scored on my début, so I must be doing something right.  The final, to be played in front of ecstatic supporters from work is at the end of this week after our third group game, so I will carb load then.

Well, I’m carb loading today too – owing to a vicious hangover courtesy of some friends who had us round for an incredible ‘Canadian Backyard BBQ’.  The most exquisite bourbon-basted ribs were followed up by several hours of sporting and karaoke entertainment on their PS3.

So today’s post is short to say the least.  Anyway, Skyfall beckons and I’m too tired to put my mind to anything too serious.

On Wednesday night after the match, I celebrated my goal by opening this 2008 Chianti Classico Reserva from Bottega.  I was a little underwhelmed by it unfortunately.  It was neither pronounced on the nose or in the mouth, and was quite short.  I didn’t get any distinct fruit characteristics to speak of and whilst the fullness and balance were fine, and it was pleasant enough, I would probably only give this an ‘acceptable’ on the WSET Systematic Approach to Wine Tasting scale.

So after the high of the win I felt a bit let down by my choice of wine of this occasion.

Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

Selamat malam



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  1. For an excellent selection of good wines, you may want to check out Hermitage Wines at JayaOne PJ. These were the guys who brought Robert Parker to Asia for an event a year or two ago.



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