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Did cavemen drink wine?

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Time flies.  In the case of life in KL it’s a little over 7 months.  In the case of Sozzl’d it’s over a month since my last post.  I feel slightly sad about not having written more recently but the fact is I simply haven’t drunk any wine in that time – well, aside from the odd glass in a bar.  I am also realising the limitations of this blog; that to keep my ideas alive I need to feed the blog a diet of wine.  Since good wine is hard to find, it makes finding inspiration to write an equally challenging activity.

Actually, I’ve a fair few more wines in the cooler than in previous months – a perk of travelling to duty-free destinations – so perhaps there’s no excuse for not writing.  But instead of drinking over the past month, I have been eating.  This is KL, after all, where eating is a national sport – loads of bloggers here take their food very seriously.

Making it into the starting XI of the company’s football team for the ‘Inter Accounting Firm Games’ has inspired me to shift a bit of podge.  I have been rather inconsistently trying out the so-called ‘Paleo diet’  for a good few weeks now.  Seven months of banana-leaf rice, lard-laden Char Kway Teow and lashings of oil-drenched coconut milk is not being offset by exercise (admittedly I’m not taking ‘Paleo exercise’ very seriously – ten 100m sprints to represent being ‘chased’ by a sabre-toothed tiger isn’t my idea of fun).

Despite my presence on the team, I’ve been trying to find loopholes in the caveman diet to allow me to get away with at least a few treats.  Sadly, cavemen hadn’t invented agriculture, which is why  most carbs and pulses are excluded, and certainly that includes wine.  However in my world cavemen discovered wine – in the way that, say, Tom Hanks might if he were on a desert island – stored carefully in a cave by some ancient civilisation….

Having justified the existence of alcohol in my caveman diet, our most recent bottle was consumed a week or so back.  It was this Chilean blend of old-vine Carignan with support from Merlot and Syrah –  Miguel Torres Cordillera Carignan 2007 (sorry about the photo; the heat of the apartment and resulting condensation immediately ruined the label)

Once I had got over a mini-strop at the integrity of the cork, which disintegrated at my first attempt to open the bottle (not impressed), I found this to be a big and bold wine.  Powerful but not sinewy, lean yet funky – it took a little bit of time in the glass to open up.  It had blackcurrant and blueberries, clove and green pepper with a toasty hint of American oak (about as much as I can usually cope with).  The finish was reasonably long  and overall the wine had great balance.  It was a little bit ‘fruit-in-the-mouth-explosion’ but there was a sufficient amount of tannin and acidity to distract me, and I remember really enjoying it.

Given its slightly raw and unrefined nature, I wonder if this would be a very apt kind of wine for a caveman to have discovered…

Selamat malam


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