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Ahh, Ebony & Ivory, that unforgettable Paul and Stevie mishap… Well-meaning but a stain, and shame on both their distinguished houses. Why did they do it? Was it their record companies? Or were they both high as kites and thought it would heal the world?

Bizarrely, though, I think the song sums my wife and me up very well, though thankfully our particular partnership seems to be more than just a one-hit-wonder. Since she’s been back from the UK I have been decidedly perkier. No longer am I hugging the pillow in bed. Gone are the days spent staring at the computer because boredom had taken hold. Banished are the solo-lunching and solo-drinking.

She and I together are in many ways like Harvey “Two Face” Dent from Batman. Me – handsome, charismatic, honourable. Her – devilish, scheming, tyrannical (ok some of that may be poetic licence). Try as we might to wind each other up and win at all costs, I am the Yin to her Yang.

It has been tough for her since we got out here, especially after her fun-filled trip home; I too often forget that. Maybe Yin sometimes needs to be more attuned to Yang. I know a glass of wine will cheer her up just a little.

It’s decidedly damp in the air, so white is in order – Pinot Grigio in fact. PG is a wine that is too often cast aside in the UK because of some quite disgusting pub wines and dodgy supermarket offerings. The grape is the same as Pinot Gris, so I should be a big fan of the Italian version, but I’ve also been let down many times and generally avoid Pinot Grigio too, which is probably unfair. This San Pietro Viticoltori Alto Adige Pinot Grigio 2011 is OK though – medium-light bodied, with a zingy citrusy nose and a sort of slightly funky, musty, Jorvik Viking Centre honey-smell to it. It’s not very long and there isn’t much going on in the mouth but I’m not too bothered, it’s decent enough. At 63RM (about £12) it’s pretty much what I’d expect.

By the end of the week, I’ve dosed her up with an Italian red too. This time a 2009 Chianti Classico DOCG from the reputedly well-rated Isole e Olena Winery and priced at 95RM (nearly £20) from the online store. This 14.5% bad boy, a blend of Sangiovese, Canaiolo Nero and Syrah, is weirdly akin to alcoholic Ribena. First sniff is a mishmash of burnt rubber, huge ripe red cherries and blackcurrants, and in the mouth it’s a mad cocktail of fruits, sweet prunes with some spice and a little minerality.

Overall, I found it disappointing. It’s confusing personality was all a bit… bipolar. I expected quite a lot, given the price and a decent rating from the world wine aficionados. A shame because I love Chianti as a rule, but I guess some rules are there to be broken.

Back to the wife: the wine must’ve done the trick as yesterday she had an interview! Amazing after a few months in a country where the ex-pat spouse battles every possible barrier to finding gainful employment. We talk more about what might happen to us in the year ahead and I remind her that our pace of life is meant to be slower here.

For the time being I’m working on attuning myself to that Yang of hers, and actually Paul and Stevie’s terrible lyrics are pretty spot on.

Selamat malam



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  1. Hello Jack,
    We recently joined the wine society which we all know pretends to make good wine reachable to many but in actuality is set up so you have two solid weeks of drinking wine every night.
    It’s nice to read these posts and hear what you’ve been up to. And I like your new picture on LinkedIn. very NGO!
    Gros bisous



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