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Sun, Seafood & Sauvignon

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The week just gone has been characterised by sun. What started off as a dry week in KL progressed to the sort of monsoon-like conditions one can only imagine in a nightmare. Huge, and I mean massive, cumulonimbus clouds mushroomed out of nowhere, the air thickening into huge droplets of rain coupled with cracks of thunder to make your ears pop.

But then calm was resumed and the bright sunshine and clear evenings returned.

It was so sunny at the weekend in fact that I managed to get quite burnt. Roped into playing tennis for an expat sports day at the terribly-terribly Royal Selangor Club no less – a manouver expertly manipulated by my wife…… I endured nearly 6 hours of tennis in the baking heat. Paying for it now, with office jibes about beetroot and lobsters, my face is peeling. The tennis was fantastic fun. The Pimms was better.

By Sunday, seafood had become a dirty word. Having consumed my quota of fish, prawns, crabs, whelks and any other water loving creature, I swore I wouldn’t touch the stuff for a while. Was I true to that sentiment? Well honestly, when it’s this good, the proverbial bear really does do his business in the woods and the Japanese in me – denying all responsibility for pillaging the seas – is loving it.

But it was really a glass of wine I was hankering after.

Tiger beer just doesn’t quite hit the spot, and after a while 80RM (£16) for an everyday bottle of wine suddenly makes sense. I now have the measure of pricing out here. The rule of thumb is to double anything, and be happy with it, otherwise you’ll go mad searching high and low for that sweet spot that doesn’t exist.

Which brings me to my first European white – a 2010 Loire Sauvingnon by De Fournier. The fact that I can’t find anything on it on the interweb (even on their own site) perhaps says something. It was crisp, fresh, minerally and citrus-zesty. That’s about it – no length, no really interest. Great for staving off the heat, but not much there for the wine lover.

But hey, I could be stuck on the number 19 bus to Holborn sitting next to someone drinking Redbull for breakfast, while the miserable UK weather lashes at the window.

Instead, I’m on the balcony, looking out at the myriad colours of the KL sunset, drinking this…

Selamat malam



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