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Today is Wednesday, a public holiday, hastily brought in to celebrate the coronation of the new King. As I understand it here in Malaysia each state has a King or Sultan that gets a chance at the national hot-seat every 5 years, and this time round it’s the turn of the Sultan of Kedah. The previous King, from the eastern state of Terrengganu, was Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin and the new dude is Sultan Abdul Halim who actually reigned before between 1970-1975.

Hopes of an early morning bike ride have been dashed by a murderous monsoon, that has engulfed our area of the city, and inundated our little balcony – scattering our poor potted herbs like skittles.

So I write about wine.

Last night we tried a mutant king – a Pinot Gris from New Zealand. I know Pinot Gris isn’t really a king but it is a mutant – of Pinot Noir – itself of noble stock of course. I love Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc, but their red cousin Noir has always slightly escaped me. I get the elegance, subtlty and perfumed-nature of the grape, but it often feels way too weedy. Clearly my Burgundy experience needs to improve….

I chose Kim Crawford’s Pinot Gris 2011from our local deli, Jason’s, picked up on a whim for 90RM (about £18 in old money) – mainly because I fancied something Alsatiany – but also because my pockets scream if I get passed the 100RM mark on wine, so this was all I could afford…..

The wine was perfectly decent and acceptable for a school night off. Nose was lemon and lime, hint of spice, bit of nail polish and on the palate it was fresh and clean – yes citrus peel, some pineapple perhaps and bit of blossom. Interesting and more complex than I had possibly expected.

We paired it perfectly with a lush green mango slaw that the wife made, and watched Old Boy. A thoroughly asian night in then.

Selamat pagi



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