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Finally, the cherry has been popped. Tonight, we dined at a bistro that has a very decent wine list. Crossing continents, years and styles, this had something for everyone; Bordeaux-files, Shiraz-nuts and Californ-I.As. Parker points are listed against the more extravagant bottles – tantalising, but out of reach.

Alexis Bistro does a mixture of western and asian. Staples for the Brits, French and Yanks and then a host of pizzas. But also a great selection of modern-Malay dishes too. Oh, and for those with a sweet tooth, cakes ahoy.

I started with teeny-weeny deep fried ‘school’ of prawns that came in a frying pan like chilli coated popcorn. Crispy, crunchy…. “sorry, what did you just say?”. My main was Red Miso Cod with green beans and oven roasted tomatoes. The cod was absolutely perfectly cooked – the red miso just kissing the top of the fish. Excellent.

What to say about the wine? Despite the heat, we went red – our dinner companions opting for dishes that suited it.

Milhade Firma Carinena 2005 – a £7.50 bottle priced at £30 – was a decent garnacha; firm, tight and dry, raspberries and plums.

Much more to my liking was a Remole Toscana IGT 2008 (a sangiovese and cab.sauvignon blend) from Frescobaldi – rich, more tannic, full and smooth. I got char-grilled peppers and spicey baked cherries. Typically Italian I suppose. Perfect to go with a Diavola Pizza (next time…).


Writing this as fireworks explode in the distance over KL city centre I feel as though they are celebrating for me.

Selamat malam


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