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My wife and I were reflecting on KL and Malaysians tonight over a drink. The bar next to where we are staying, Taps, has what is quite possibly the best beer menu I have ever seen. Craft ales and beers from across the world run from page to page to page. Brit beer is well represented – most impressively, what seems to be virtually the entire Brewdog portfolio…. …some of which are rarer than hens teeth – the Abstrakt06 and 07 Concepts. You can read more experienced and excellent tasting notes from BeerBeer

We chat about the beautifully sing-song way Malaysians speak English, with phrases and sentence structure kept simple, polite and multiculturally accessible. “La” replaces “y’know”, “right?” and everything in between… Malaysian for “innit” I guess?!

Happy to be here to experience these things at leisure, without the pressure of “holiday days”, we are a two-person team, in a new city, having fun and interesting conversations.

Our dinner at Restoran Nagasari, a neighbourhood curry place across the road from our Hotel on Jalan Nagasari is a joy. Over a “name your best ever curries in the world ever ever” conversation (in which we recall two incredible meals – in George Town and Singapore) we enjoy lamb, cauliflower and naans – a bargain at less than £5 a head.

Selamat malam


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  1. We call it Manglish ;p



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